Everyday Workspaces

A simple desk and storage system.

Across industries, organizations are selecting adaptable furniture and integrated layouts. Everyday Workspaces offers flexibility and affordability. Utilising simple, common, interchangeable components, facilitating growth and change as needed. With planning schemes for both individual and common areas, Everyday Workspaces is an approach to workplace design that accommodates a diversity of work modes. Areas are created pairing tables, storage and screen partitioning elements. Supporting the freedom of choice between focus and collaborative spaces.

A pure, honest, functional approach. Resulting in a dynamic, logical, efficient workplace experience.

Stack Shelves 2

Everyday Workspaces Desk cluster
Specifications 4-way face-to-face configuration including tower storage units

Everyday Workspaces Desk cluster
Specifications 4-way face-to-face configuration including side conference extensions and planter screen partition

Everyday Workspaces Desk cluster
Specifications 2-way side-by-side configuration including desk height pedestals

Everyday Workspaces Managerial desk
Specifications Single free-standing configuration including hinged door cabinets

Everyday Workspaces Meeting table - 6-8 seater
Specifications Server - double hinged doors


Straight end-leg design  Full loop end-leg design  ‘A’ frame end-leg design

Everyday Workspaces Bar height table - 6-8 seater
Specifications Bar stools - various colours

Everyday Workspaces Storage
Specifications Various configurations

Everyday Workspaces
CAD Models

Specifications and Finishes

Workstation Configurations

Cluster Setups   2way; 4way; 6way; 8way; 10way
Face-to-Face and Side-by-Side
Various sizes available

and Managerial
  Various sizes and configurations

Meeting and
  Seated height
Various sizes and configurations

Storage Options
Various Sizes and Configurations Available

Mobile Units   Day Filer

Mobile Units   Pedestal

Mobile Units   Pedestal With Cushion

Mobile Units   Pedenza

Mobile Units   Mobile day filer

Desk Support Units   Pedestal

Desk Support Units   Tower

Free-Standing Units   Hinge Door

Free-Standing Units   Roller Door

Free-Standing Units   Sliding Door

Free-Standing Units   Pedenza (Combination
Drawers and Roller Door)

Cabinets and Lockers   Hinge Door

Cabinets and Lockers   Hinge Door Lockers

Cabinets and Lockers   Roller Door

Bookcases and Pigeon Holes   Bookcase

Bookcases and Pigeon Holes   Pigeon Hole

Server   option 01

Server   option 02

Server   option 03

Table   Cross-base

Table   Round Base